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Company History

Company History | Message from the President


Company History

After being a dance educator for many years, I have learned the importance of teaching dance culture and tradition to young dancers. We live in a great community, many of us moved here because it has the same feel of the neighborhoods of where we grew up, strong families, safe neighborhoods and good schools. The down side of living in a small community is aspiring dancers do not have many opportunities to audition and perform locally, two skills that are integral to a dancer's education. My vision is to bring all the dancers in the community together regardless of where they dance, who they compete with or what their experience is. This is a community based company, open to every dancer, every level. It is an opportunity for dancers to audition for and perform with a professional style company. Dancers will experience the culture of dance while bringing a dance tradition, The Nutcracker, to our community.

That was my vision in 2005, the first year of the Brentwood Children's Ballet Theater. Now, we have experienced some changes. We still have the same goals, just on a larger scale. The Ballet Theater is now a non-profit corporation. We have a Board of Directors made up of incredible people of different expertise and backgrounds making decisions together. Our choreographers have grown and our cast has grown to nearly 70 cast members with representatives from 4 different dance studios. The Brentwood Children's Ballet Theater has a bright future ahead...it gets better every year!

Nina Koch


Message From the Artistic Director

Allow me to introduce myself; I am Stephanie Knudson the Artistic Director of The Ballet Company of East County.  This is by far the best job I have ever had and I will tell you why.

We have made it through our many years with more changes than we ever thought possible. The staff and choreographers of BCEC have done such wonderful things with for our production of The Nutcracker; they are lead by their passion and enthusiasm and our little show has turned into a professional production.  Each staff member has taken on the vision of the ballet company as their own and their additional expertise has been invaluable. Our cast grew considerably over the years which has allowed us to add more parts to the show, each year we bring more costumes, scenery and choreography for our audiences to enjoy.  

I am especially proud of the professionalism our cast members show us every year.  The dancers work tirelessly on their parts; the level of ability, confidence and enthusiasm from each dancer has risen above my expectations and I know the audience sees this in their performance year after year. With all of these dancers came a fantastic group of can-do parents. They are the ones who got up with their dancers every Saturday, chauffeured them to rehearsal and encouraged them along the way. They are my heroes because behind every good dancer is a parent who cared enough to make it happen for them.  You can see why this is such a great job, I am surrounded by people who make it all look so easy and make me look good!

With the coming years we are hope to continue to expand our The Ballet Company of East County.  We would love to add more performances and maybe even bring our show to a different city.  With a talented group of dancers, experienced choreographers, amazing staff members and exceptionally creative parent volunteers the sky is the limit for BCEC!

Stephanie Knudson
Artistic Director