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The Nutcracker

Each year (at the end of August) The Ballet Company of East County holds open auditions for The Nutcracker.  The audition is open to all ballet students at any dance studio in the area.  All dancers enrolled in a ballet classes throughout the community are encouraged to audition. 

Over the last few years the cast of BECE has experience exponential growth.  Because of this we do not have enough space for every dancers who auditions.

Rehearsals for “The Nutcracker” are held on Saturdays for approximately 14 weeks. For the first few months your child may only be required to come to his or her ½ to 1 hour rehearsal time.  In November the rehearsals do get longer.  Because there are only 14 weeks dancers participation in The Nutcracker requires a big commitment.  Please be sure to read the Parent Handbook thoroughly so you are aware of all the commitment policies.
BECE relies heavily on fabulous volunteers to help the dancers and staff members present a professional, well-organized and polished production. We have various roles and communities to utilize the talents of the parents!  There are many ways to get involved and in the end the dancers are the ones benefiting from the hard work of our volunteers!

Volunteers are unpaid not because they are worthless… it is because they are priceless!

The Nutcracker is presented at the El Campanil Theater in historic downtown Antioch, in December.  The cast gets to perform four shows, two on Saturday, two on Sunday…to a packed and enthusiastic audience!

Every dancer who participates in the Nutcracker is valued and important, from the smallest of the Cookies to the breath taking Snow Queen, each is vital to this show!


The story of The Nutcracker… as told by the Ballet Company of East County:

Act I

It is Christmas eve and the Tannenbaum house is buzzing with excitement and anticipation of the Holiday Party.  The children Fritz and Clara are particularly excited about the arrival of their beloved, though eccentric, Uncle Drosselymeyer.  Family and friends arrive and merriment ensues.  Guests dance and share stories while the children laugh and play.  A magical feeling comes over the room as Uncle Drosselmeyer arrives and presents many wonderful gifts to the children.  He has a special gift for Clara.  A beautiful Nutcracker and doll bed; Clara immediately falls in love with her gift.  Clara’s brother Fritz sees how much Clara loves the Nutcracker and grows jealous.  He grabs her gift and breaks it.  Clara is heartbroken.  Drosselmeyer quickly fixes the doll and comforts Clara.  The party come to an end, the quests say goodbye and Clara falls asleep under the Christmas Tree with her Nutcracker. 

As Clara drifts off to sleep Drosselmeyer comes back into the room and casts a magic spell on Clara’s Nutcracker.  As he slips away into the darkness the evil Mouse King and his mice sneak into the room and attack Clara!  Suddenly Clara’s Nutcracker comes alive to protect her from the mice.  After a fierce battle the Nutcracker is victorious and presents a magic sleigh to whisk Clara off to the Land of Sweets. They travel through the snow forest where snowflakes dance and the Snow Queen, along with her angels, lead them to the Palace of Sweets where a party is waiting for them.

Act II

At the Palace of Sweets Clara and the Nutcracker Prince meet the Queen of the Flowers and her Royal Court.  They are presented with dances from foreign lands and are treated with shows of dancing sweets.  When the revelry is over it is time for Clara to go home.  They say their goodbyes and the Prince takes Clara back in the magic sleigh.

Clara is placed back on her chair by Uncle Drosselmeyer.  Was all this a dream?  It seemed so real, so wonderful and so real.  A Christmas dream, the gift of a Christmas dream.